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Condensation Cure RTV Pad Printing Silicone Rubber

1. Applications

GC condensation pad printing silicone CY-8 Series are excellent applied for printing pads making of perfect irregular patterns on plastics toys, electronic toys, trademarks, keyboards,electroplating products etc.

2. Features

*High print times and abrasion resistance

*Without any inpurities

*With good printing effects

*Permanent and durable

*High resistance to high temperature and aging(resist -60 to 150°C)

3.Operation instructions of Transfer Printing Silicone rubber Great Pringting Effects:

1.)Firstly, prepare all the necessary tools ,like the pad mold, a cup used for mixing, a glass stick, a wooden board with several holds and the size should be the same as the pad

2)Adjust the ratio between the silicon rubber and silicon oil according to the customer’s requirement.

If customers want to print large patterns, soft silicon pad is needed and more silicon oil should be added. Otherwise,

hard silicone pad is needed, less or none silicone oil should be added.

In general, the silicone pad with 15-25 shore A is most suitable.

More silicone oil added, the silicone pad is more soft,which will lead to less printing times ,

the rising of costs and waste of raw materials. For the molecular of silicone will be destroyed by silicone oil ,

which leads to wear-resisting, solvent resistance and easy aging

3)weight the silicon and catalyst exactly based on the ratio of 100:2.

Pls kindly note that the amount of catalyst should be the 2% of the total weight of silicone and silicone oil.

4)weight the silicon and catalyst exactly based on the ratio of 100:2.

Pls kindly note that the amount of catalyst should be the 2% of the total weight of silicone and silicone oil.

5)Vacuum pumping to de-air. The time is around 3-5 mins.

6)4-6 hours later, the silicone is cured completely. Get silicone pad from the mold and a printing pad is completed.

4. Package

Silicone Base:1kg/drum; 5kg/drum; 20kg/drum;25kg/drum;200kg/drum.

Curing Agent:1kg/bottle

5. Storage and shelf life

When stored in their original unopened packaging, at a temperature of between -10°C and +30°C, the RTV CY-8 series can be stored for 10 months from the date of manufacture clearly marked on the packaging. Beyond this date, GC Silicone no longer guarantees that the products meet the sales specifications.

6.Technical Data

Typical general characteristics  Inspection MethodValue
Product data (Catalyzed A+B)CY-830CY-835
HardnessShore A30±235±2
Mix RatioA:B100:3100:3
Pot life25 °C (77F)30-40mins30-40mins
Curing time25 °C (77F)3-4 hours3-4 hours
Mixed viscositymPa.s22000±100023000±1000


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